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The following Alberta Diving Board positions are up for election:


The Vice-president shall:

-    In the absence of the President assume the duties of the President
-    May assume the President elect status
-    Organize the planning seminar
-    Other duties as assigned by the executive committee

    The Treasurer shall:

-    Supervise the handling of all monies of the Association
-    Act as an advisor on all financial matters
-    Supply a report on the financial status of the association at all meetings requesting same
-    Supply an audited report at the AGM
-    Make necessary arrangements at a bank for an account in the name of the Provincial diving body using the signatures of two of the following on cheques:  President, Secretary and Treasurer, or other person as from time to time are designated by the Executive Committee.
-    Shall arrange and advise for appropriate investments of Association funds with Executive approval


    The Publicity Chairperson shall:

-    Send to mass media any releases pertaining to Provincial Diving Meets and Meetings
-    Act as public relations agent to promote diving throughout the Province
-    Arrange with all team managers and coaches to obtain photos of all Alberta Teams and/or individuals as may be required for press releases.
-    Maintain a historical file of newspaper clippings relevant to diving
-    Up-date and maintain website

The term for a position on the Alberta Diving Board is two years.  A person new to his/her position will receive an orientation from the retiring member.  Board members must attend meetings, which are usually held 2 to 3 times throughout the season, and to attend Alberta Diving meets if possible.


4.3.3    Nominations for the elected officers of the board are to be submitted in writing by the nominators to the elections officer, or other person(s) selected by the President, at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the AGM. Verbal nominations for any office may be made from the floor at the AGM at which the election is held, provided the consent of the nominee is obtained. A coach who is an employee or owner of a Diving Club shall not be eligible for any position other than Technical Chairperson.

Current board vacancies:

Northern Zone Chair

Deadline for written nominations will be 10 days prior to the AGM

Please find attached the nomination form Board Nominations - uneven year 2015.pdf

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