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Dear Sport Partners:

As a follow up to the meetings held with our sport delivery partners on December 5 and 6, I am pleased to provide an update on our discussion.

Most significantly, we now have a single focus on amateur sport. With our revised mandate, the Board of Directors has developed a new vision: Alberta, the premier sport delivery system in Canada, and a new mission statement: To enhance, advocate, and inspire participation and partnerships as Albertans strive for excellence in sport.

To reflect our revised mandate, the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation is now operating as Alberta Sport Connection. This exciting new brand, including a much shorter and more focused name and a more colourful and modern logo, appropriately reflects the changes to our organization. You can find out more about Alberta Sport Connection on our website

Our work will be guided by the Alberta Sport Plan, which will be updated following a consultation currently underway.

As we transition to a focus on sport, Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation will focus on policy, recreation and physical activity. These changes will help ensure we address the needs of Albertans from playground to podium.

Our province has a strong history of sport development and we are confident Alberta can fulfill the new vision of being a premier sport delivery system.

I look forward to working with our partners as we move forward in a new direction.


John Short

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