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The president shall:

  • Call and preside as Chairperson at the Executive Committee meetings and  all meetings of the Association;
  • Exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Association;
  • Suspend or disqualify on recommendation by the Executive Committee anyone proved of an infringement of the laws of the Association or any unfair practice connected with the art of diving;
  • To remit or shorten any such sentence upon due cause being shown;
  • Appoint as the occasion may arise special committees to consider and report on questions referred to them. Recommendations and resolutions embodied in such reports, if adopted at an Executive Committee meeting or by mail vote, shall become standing orders of the Association;
  • Be an ex-officio member of all committees;
  • Deal with any professional who competes as an amateur;
  • Control the transfer of competitors from one Affiliated Club to another;
  • Approve the Associate Member who wishes to dive unattached and has just reason to do so;
  • Automatically be a member of the Board of Directors to the governing body of C.A.D.A. Inc.;
  • Inform the Vice-Chairpersons and Affiliated Clubs of material from the C.A.D.A. Inc. and other sources vital to diving in Alberta.


The secretary shall:

  • Attend all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee, and keep and maintain accurate Minutes of the same;
  • The Secretary shall also maintain records and correspondence relating to the Association;
  • He or she shall have charge of the Seal of the Association which Seal whenever used shall be authenticated by the Secretary and the President, or, in the case of the death or inability of either to act, by the Vice-President or the Vice- chairperson from the same Zone as the President;
  • In case of the absence of the Secretary, his or her duties shall be discharged by such officer as may be appointed by the Executive Committee;
  • The Secretary shall have charge of all the correspondence of the Association and be under the direction of the President and the Executive Committee;
  • Keep a record of all the members of the Association and their addresses, send all notices of the various meetings as required;
  • Keep an up-to-date list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of: Executive Officers, Head Coach of each Club, Associate Members, National Diving Chairpersons, Paid Staff.

Officials Chairperson

The Officials Chairperson shall:

  • Arrange for Judges Clinics and Seminars;
  • Keep up-to-date records of all accredited Judges and Officials;
  • Assist Meet Manager in arranging for Officials and Judges at all Meets;
  • Provide Executive with programs and evaluations as a means of continuously up-grading all Officials;
  • Together with the Treasurer, be the Sanction Committee;
  • Act as the liaison with DPC regarding matters dealing with the Officials program.

The term for a position on the Alberta Diving Board is two years.  A person new to his/her position will receive an orientation from the retiring member.  Board members must attend meetings, which are usually held about 2 to 3 times throughout the season, and to attend Alberta Diving meets. 

Eligibility for Board Positions

To be eligible for election an individual must be a member in good standing and must have her/his written nomination, signed by a nominator and seconder, given to the Association, 10 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.  Verbal nominations may be accepted from the floor at the annual meeting at which the election is being held, provided the consent of the nominee is obtained.  A coach who is an employee of an affiliated club shall not be eligible for any position other than Technical Chairperson.

Interested applicants can complete the attached nomination form with signature from nominator.  Deadline for written nominations is 10 days prior to the AGM.

Download Nomination Form

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