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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster and promote the sport of diving in Alberta.


We value belonging to a community that shares:

  • the joy and passion for the sport of diving.
  • the pride of group and individual accomplishments.
  • the information that enriches us as individuals and as a community.

We work co-cooperatively toward a common vision. We strive for community involvement that is inclusive and rewarding for all our members and guests. We celebrate the heritage of Canadian diving, recognizing all those, both past and present, member or sponsor, who have contributed to the growth and promotion of our sport.

Personal Development

We value the physical and mental well being of our members, in particular the athletes, both on and off the playing field. We believe the development and health of the total person takes precedence over performance results. We value a supportive and safe environment that encourages and inspires all of us to learn new skills and be the best that we can be.


We value the roles, views and contributions of our members thereby demonstrating respect for the rules, others and ourselves. We win or lose with dignity. We are truthful, professional and trustworthy in our interactions with one another. We practice open, two-way communication and resolve our differences through collaborative and fair-minded discussion.


We strive for personal and organizational excellence at all levels and in all areas of Canadian Diving. We are goal-oriented and value everyone’s involvement and effort in working toward the goals, be they personal, organizational or community. We recognize our responsibility in delivering quality service to one another, especially to our high-performance athletes in their pursuit of excellence. This means providing services that are accountable, responsive, effective and efficient. We seek new and innovative ideas for improvement in policies, practices and services.

These values have been developed with input from members and representatives nation-wide. They apply to all members of Diving Canada and should govern our relationships with all whom we contact.

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